Sunday, November 13, 2011



As we release our newest application I would like to share with you some of the background information behind the creation of the picShow With Tunes 1.0. You see I am one of those people that when we travel we take tons of photos and when we come back home we want to re-live the recent adventure. When friends visit us we want to share with them the most recent events that they missed (junior's goal at the end of the 1st half, last Sunday). And what could be better then doing it with the pictures scrolling in the background. So I started to look a tool that would fit the bill. I remembered that when my friend gave me a CD with his pictures, a couple years back, my first question was "How am I going to view them?". This was when the operating system was Windows 95 and it had nothing that would allow you to even view the pictures. But I thought "This is 2011, we came a long way...". Yes we did and there is plenty of tools/applications that would let us view our pictures. Some of them are build into the operating system, some come with our cameras and some we can download and use for free. Yet, every time we watched the photos scrolling on my laptop screen I couldn't help myself but think "I wish there was music playing in the background.", "I wish that picture was rotated, so we wouldn't have to twist our necks to see it better.", "I wish I could pause this one, I have a story that goes with it.". Finally I gave up the search for that "perfect instant slide show" and decided to write one myself. So you see the picShow With Tunes was created to make me happy, and it did. But when it was finished we looked at it and decided to take an extra step (it actually was a mile) and make into a commercial product for everybody. So without further ado here it is your instant slide show app picShow With Tunes 1.0. Once you setup your options it takes two clicks (yes we counted) to start your slide show of your most recent photos from your camera. It will automatically rotate portrait pictures and play your favorite music (mp3 - one or the more, or a Windows Media Player play list). Pause it briefly with just move of the mouse or indefinitely if you take the mouse over the control bar.
For the full list of the features see the next post or go to the web page picShow With Tunes 1.0. Creating this little gadget was the most fun many of us had in a long time and we hope that you will enjoy using it as much as we did creating it. 

Happy viewing from all of us at Custom DataWorks Inc.

To download a free 30 day trial go to picShow With Tunes at Custom DataWorks webpage.

picShow With Tunes 1.0 in action by on YouTube. (If you can please watch this video in full screen HD mode)

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