Saturday, November 12, 2011

Create Your Custom Music play list for your slideshows.

Today I would like to show you how to add Microsoft Media Player's play list to your slideshow in picShow With Tunes 1.0. To avoid listening to the same music over and over the best way to add background music for your slideshows in my opinion is to create a play list with Windows Media Player. Because the picShow With Tunes when playing the music shuffles the list and plays the songs in a random order, it is best to create a list with relatively large number of tracks and if possible you should try to select tracks with the same 'mood'. You can create multiple play lists for different slideshow types.

To create the list, open the Windows Media Player.From the available list of tracks select the tracks that you want to include in your play list. Drag the selected tracks to the play list on the "Play" tab of the Windows Media Player. After you add all desired tracks save and name your play list.

Now you are ready to add the play list as your music source for the slideshows. Open the picShow With Tunes.

Under "Select Background Music" click on the Browse button (. . .) and select the list you created (Windows Media Player lists are saved with the default file extension .wpl).

Now every time you start picShow With Tunes and start the slideshow your list will play (in random order).

Enjoy your slides

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